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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 20, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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hour. >> that's an important question. meanwhile, speaking of important questions, tucker barnes can answer one for us. how hot will it be today. >> excellent question. low 90s. good news, it will be beautiful. lots of sunshine. weather forecast couldn't be better for the end of august. let's get to it. satellite and radar, little fog off to the south and west to start the day. dense fog advisory that expired. you can see with quiet conditions no rain or thunderstorm activity expected today. 72 ocean at the. highs in the low 90s. warmer than yesterday but a trade off. temperatures will be warmer but with less humidity, it will feel better for you with a high
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temperature of 92 degrees. after power outages in the wake of recent storms and facing the maryland public service commission at a hearing, the power company announced how it plans to handle things from now on. sherri ly joins us with more. >> the people here at glenn way gardens in silver spring could just improved reliability from pepco. they lost power in all three cher storms -- summer storms. now pepco announced details of the five year plan to get
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things back on track. for 75 million, pepco will bury some wires underground and improve substations. pepco's rely -- rely ability came into -- reliability came into question. this week the utility told state regulators investigating the problem it's one of the worst utilities in the nation for frequent outages and duration. they will accelerate the tree trimming under the new plan, a plan customers count on working. >> okay i think it's wonderful. i hope it happens. >> you say you hope it happens. >> i hope it happens. >> are you confident. >> of course not. >> property owners love their trees. you know the type of vegetation management we have to do that we need to do in some cases is aggressive. we need to do this work and if
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we are not able to do this work, here is the potential impact, not only to you but to your neighbors as well. >> pepco customers can let state regulators know what they think about this plan and pepco's reliability. there will be a hearing in rockville august 30th at the county council chambers. you can bet there will be people with a lot to say. it probably won't be good. >> i believe they can count on that. thank you so much. police are searching for three men accused of breaking into a home in prince george county and later firing shots at a police officer. investigators say the suspects first broke into a home in bladensburg then took off in an s.u.v. a short time later an officer tried to stop the vehicle for a traffic violation and police say two men in the back seat started firing at the officer. he wasn't seriously hurt. police recovered the suspect's car on otis place in northeast. police are hoping the public can help solve a murder
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mystery. these are close -- clothes, shoes and jewelry found on a man whose remains were discovered last month. the man died of trauma to his upper body. they haven't been able to identify this man. investigators believe he may have died a year ago. anyone with information is asked to contact fairfax county police. >> tony? a dog breeding bust in the district. police moved in on a home in southeast last night after getting a tip. when they were done, six pit bulls were in custody. fox 5's matt ackland picks up the story. >> reporter: d.c. police, some with automatic weapons surrounded this home off sixth street southeast as the washington humane society carried out a search warrant enabling them to remove these six pit bull dogs. >> these types of dogs are commonly used in dogfighting. >> reporter: officials aren't sure what was taking place inside the home. they suspect breeding, training and maybe fighting on this property. not long after the dogs were
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removed, they were treated for several minor injuries. >> believe that the injuries may be consistent with animal fighting. >> reporter: neighbors say they knew the dogs were kept inside the home but never suspected illegal activity. officials think it was more than that. they pointed out the two surveillance cameras on the side of the home. we are told cameras are common with illegal dogfighting. inside, officials searched for other evidence, large sums of money, computer records and medication. animal steroids, to be exact, used to make the dogs more powerful. it was an anonymous tip that alerted authorities to this home in southeast. they got enough information to have a judge sign off on a search warrant. although no arrests have been made tonight, authorities are not ruling out charges in the future. >> look how skinny he is. >> people underestimate the power of small bits of information and how it may help. obviously it made a difference
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in this case. >> matt ackland, fox 5 news. now to a big story we have been following for nearly a month now. anne arundel prison escapey on the run with his alleged accomplice has been captured. the arrest nearly turned into a gun fight inside a northern arizona forest. gurvir has the story. >> reporter: authorities will comb the camp site looking for evidence that could link them to other crimes during their time on the lamb. they believe they are responsible for a horrific double murder. >> culmination of a lot of hard work and aware employee. >> reporter: a park service keen eye was the key to capturing john mccluskey and casslyn welch. they were caught in arizona, the same state they were running from. >> he noticed a silver car backed up into trees that looked unusual like maybe it
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was trying to be hidden. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies swarmed them. >> when the officers approached, she went for her weapon but was dropped or disarmed immediately. they had a dome tent at the scene. if he would have got to it, he would have shot at the officers. >> reporter: the pair looked haggard. >> baseball caps on. they were very dirty of course but they -- from the pictures that i have seen that were sent from the crime scene, they look similar to their photographs. they lost weight. >> reporter: mccluskey and welch are wanted for the double murder of a couple who were found in a travel trailer in new mexico. >> we want to tie them to as many crimes as we can. we want to ensure that the new mexico murders are looked at carefully, looking at those agencies and if there were any other crimes committed while they were out. >> reporter: mccluskey and two
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other inmates escaped allegedly with welch's help. the two others were recaptured in colorado and wyoming earlier this month. a relief to law enforcement and the residents in the area. >> all right. thank you. in other news, the park service is giving the go ahead to a rally planned for the lincoln memorial by glenn beck. sarah palin is expected to be there. the national park service says organizers expect 300,000 people to attend. the park service is processing a permit for a counter demonstration lead by al sharpton on the same day. on the hill, roger clemens indicted by a federal grand jury for lying. it says he lied to congress. he said he never used performance enhancing drugs. bob barnard explains. >> i have been accused of something i am not guilty of. how do you prove a negative. >> reporter: roger clemens is formally charged with lying to congress two years ago when
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called before a house committee investigating steroid use in professional sports. >> let me be clear, i have never taken steroids or hgh. >> reporter: the indictment charges clemens with obstruction of congress, making false statements and perjury. >> what is really sad is this is a self-inflicted wound in many ways. he decided himself to come and testify in front of the oversight and government reform committee. he wasn't subpoenaed and it appears that he lied before the committee. >> reporter: maryland congressman chris van hollen sits on the committee. he heard brian mcnamee claim he injected the big leaguer more than a dozen times with steroids and human growth hormone from 1998 to 2001. through his twitter account, a defiant clemens writes he never took hgh or steroids, did not lie to congress, looks forward to challenging the government's
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accusations and hopes people keep an open mind and is happy to have his day in court. >> we appreciate everybody's suggestions what roger should have done through all of this. everybody said accurately that if he did it, what he should have done is admit it and move on. that's right. the problem is, nobody talks about what he should have done if he didn't do it. and he didn't do it. he is adamant about that and has been. >> reporter: through his attorney, mcnamee says he feels vindicated. representative van hollen says lessons can be learned. >> steroids is a bad idea. if you lie about it, that's wrong too and will catch up with you. >> bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> if convicted, roger clemens faces up to 30 years in prison and more than a million dollars in fines. we are continuing to help you and your children get ready for back to school. up next, fairfax county superintendent will join us in
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studio to talk about what parents and students can expect this school year. guys remember,
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> back to school for fairfax county students is right around the corner. many parents and students may notice changes and new faces when the first bell rings in that county. for more information go straight to the top. superintendent of fairfax public schools dr. jake dale is with us to talk about what people with expect. good to see you. this is an opportunity we want the viewers who are in your county, the students and parents to know what they can expect. what should viewers know? >> we will have another great year. the thing we're just doing right now is analyzing some of the results from the prior
9:15 am
school year. but the good news from parents' perspective is probably the cuts we have had to make in the budget for the next school year were not -- not in the schools. parents should seem same class sizes, custodyial services. same secretaries same guidance counselors and everything like that. that's good. we have had to make difficult cuts elsewhere in the central office but been able to protect the schools. they are in the process of hiring right now or completing the hiring of about a thousand new teachers. the normal attrition cycle. we have 12,000 teachers throughout the county. our bus schedules are all pretty much the same. what some plants see in some of our schools are great renovations. if they drive by schools now they will say are you going to be ready to open on -- >> what school in particular? >> well, the high school i think that would stick out the most is edison high school. massive renovation. i was just talking with the principal yesterday. he -- his office is going to be in a trailer in the hallway
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some place. but -- >> this is a modernization project? >> yeah, a lot of modernization projects. taking advantage of very low construction costs right now when we get the ids for construction projects. they come in extremely low sometimes. 40,50% less than what we have been paying in previous years. a great time to take advantage of some of those low prices. >> the excellence of your county, it goes -- everyone i think gives it proper respect to what you have done there with fairfax county schools 'and we were talking and you said you have unique ways of doing that. one way i would like you to talk about it is dealing with the professional learning communities and how it benefits the students. >> we call it in our industry in education, a term that describes what our teachers do called professional learning communities. but basically we focus on our teachers working with other teachers, analyze instruction, analyze best practices, analyze students' performance and really focusing on children and making sure they are all
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successful. that kids are behind, we have to figure out how to accelerate their performance so they get up to their christmas mates. for example, i mentioned the beginning looking at test results we can see a continued upward progression in the percentage of kids passing all of the required state tests, and we're also seeing an acceleration of those kids who are behind. so our gaps are closing traditionally underperforming kids, african american, hispanic, or children in poverty are actually as a group accelerating their performance because our teachers, high quality individuals but we give them time or try to make sure they have time to work with their colleagues because it is in that collegeial atmosphere and back and forth trading of kids, you do better at teaching math with some of these children than i do, let's have you work with the kids in math. i do better than reading -- that back and forth trading. teachers analyze the work. that is where the rubber meets the road is in the classroom. >> often what we see in some of
9:18 am
these schools we dub as underperforming or what have you is the gap with test scores. test scores have become so important with no child left behind and funding and all that. i would imagine that is a pretty big point to address. >> it is. as you say with no child left behind it forced us all to focus on results which is a good thing but got us not as a school system but also parents folk -- focus on results and kids focus on results. what we now have to do is make sure the tests we're working on are very rich and rigorous and -- and encompass the whole child's learning as opposed to narrow parts of the curriculum. we do focus on those kinds of things and our teachers again working together with one another, that's where we found very successful. we have some schools now being showcased naturally. graham road for quite a few u.s. has been showcased nationally. and dogwood elementary school and poe middle school are mow exemplary schools where these teachers are working hard together to analyze results.
9:19 am
they get fantastic performance. >> the pride shows in you talking about your school system. we appreciate that. everything is ready for september 7. >> we are -- we will be. we aren't yet. >> you will get there. >> dr. jack dale, superintendent of fairfax -- fairfax county schools. the labor day weekend work will shut down five stations on the tacoma. three shuttle bus routes will all get passengers around the closed stations. but you should add about 40 minutes to your travel time. the station will be closed from 10:00 p.m. friday, september 3rd, until tuesday the 7th at 5:00 a.m. several hundred metro employees will be working on this repair job. well, we're used to the airlines nickel and diming us with fees all over the place but now american airlines is looking at a big fee from the faa. why they are ready to slap the airline with a $25 million fine.
9:20 am
plus, another county fair this morning. holly, i love the pig races! >> i know. too much fun, right? speaking of money, if you're looking for a little family fun that won't break the bank, then the arlington county fair just might be the answer. we're live here this morning getting a great preview of this wonderful weekend event coming up. we will show you an activity that will not only bring out your child's creative side but also won't cost you a penny. all live later. ♪ [ music ] first here's a look at today's trivia question. robert deniro sported tattoos of a vengeful ex-con in the 1991 remake of the thriller cape fear. how many of those tattoos were his own. 1, 2, 5 or 10. the answer is later this morning. much more ahead here. it is 9:20. looks like our competitors for the raid deathcathlon are rearin' to go.
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welcome back. there is disappointing news on
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unemployment. many economists expected jobless claims to drop slightly last week. instead they rose to the highest level in nine months. initial jobless claims reached the half million mark last week for the first time since november. this comes after claims declined in 2009 and flattened out earlier this year. the president says this is just more evidence of the need for a jobs bill. >> and if he want this -- if we want this economy to create more jobs more quickly we need to help. >> it is not uncommon for economic recoveries to hit a bit of a soft patch but right now given the rise in initial claims over the last couple weeks we're becoming a little increasingly uncomfortable with the durability of this recovery. >> and the congress many budget office has updated its economic outlook saying individuals and businesses will continue to limit spending and growth will be modest through next year. american airlines could be slapped with a record 25m fine for maintenance failures in
9:25 am
2008 according to today's wall street journal. but the faa hasn't made a final decision on the fine and the airline says it has not been informed. the record fine for improper wiring around the landing gear. american was forced to ground more than 300 planes to fix the problem in 2008. a phone threat stopped an american airlines plane from taking off from casino yesterday. flight 24 was bound for new york, but the plane never got off the ground. passengers were removed from the jet. witnesses say they saw a man and a woman on the plane taken away in handcuffs. but police say no one is in custody. after investigating police described the threat as not credible. >> a new report is out about smoking scenes in the movie andit has some wanting to make changes in the movie industry. we're talking to one of the proponents of the change and a movie director about the report. a paul mccartney fan makes her admiration for the star permanent. we will tell what you she did
9:26 am
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here's a question tony. are you a big fan of paul mccartney? yes. but are you as big of a fan as this woman? >> hmmm... why do you ask? >> rose ann bulisso of westchester, pennsylvania got an autograph from sir paul on her back, and decided to make it perform nant. she had the signature -- tattooed. that is very good-looking. >> that is cool. >> a tattoo artist went over the original signature. she said it hurt but it was a no brainer. she said the signature was the best experience of her life next to the birth of her kids. this is her first tattoo. the tattoo artist, hat's off. that is excellent. that little -- >> that is paul's actual signature. if you're going to get a tattoo, that kind -- i could
9:30 am
understand. you're a big fan of somebody, they sign part of your body. >> heck yeah. >> why not? >> does that mean her body is worth more than others. >> her body is now collectible. beatles fans may sell it on ebay. >> if you didn't get the tattoo, you could buy her body afterwards. >> that doesn't sound right. >> that doesn't sound right at all. >> never mind. i don't endorse that. >> tucker has justin bieber's autograph on his foot. >> and -- >> what do you have? >> an autograph as well. i might -- >> you have a famous autograph? >> no, -- i would rather have the contact as opposed to the autograph, yeah. but -- >> okay. i understand. >> all right. >> i have ringo's autograph. >> do you? >> how much that is worth? >> i don't know. i didn't get it for that reason. >> uh-huh. but i will check and see! >> what's going on in the weather. >> weather looks great. a lot of sunshine, warm, humidity is out of here for the afternoon and as we get to the weekend, generally good conditions here. people on the beach, we're
9:31 am
running out of beach weekends. and don't say that. >> we will talk headlines. going to be warmer today. yesterday's daytime high was in the upper 80s. today, low 90s. so be prepared for certainly warm one. won't be oppressively hot like what we have been dealing with the past couple weeks but temperatures back in the low 90s. air quality will be code orange which is moderate. so you will see better air quality days. showers and thunderstorms between sunday. today fine, tomorrow just fine as well and then as we get into the weekend, i mentioned the beach. looks fantastic. much of the weekend should be dry there with temperatures in the 80s. water temperature down in ocean city in the mid 70s. great combination for good beach weekend, we're just a few isolated thunderstorms by sunday afternoon. all right. we are warming up. i mentioned it will be warm out there. 79 at reagan national. 77 in leonardtown. 77 in annapolis. 81 in frederick and 72 in hagerstown. temperatures off to a warm start. but humidity down. our dew point has been falling a little bit overnight as we get in our flow out of the
9:32 am
north. it should actually be a decent afternoon. here is your morning satellite radar. shower activity, the frontal system we're dealing with yesterday, fading off the coast here. so that's good news. high pressure building in from the north and west. so conditions around here in the next couple of days are going to be very quiet. should be a nice one today, tonight, reasonable conditions and then tomorrow, even though temperatures will once again be warm, plenty of sunshine for nip outdoor activities. good-looking forecast the next couple of days. then we will cool it down a little bit by early next week. almentioned the air quality, code orange this afternoon. lots of sunshine. a warm afternoon. even for this time of year i would say some high now of 86. 92 for afternoon high. winds north and west at 5 miles an hour. okay let's talk weekend. overnight tonight no problems. more humid tomorrow. humidity on the increase tomorrow with few clouds in the afternoon. 91. best chance for a thunderstorm. they will be scattered at best sunday afternoon. kind of late-day sunday. high temperature 86. there you can see temperatures in the mid 80s as we start the workweek next week. >> all right. have a good weekend. let's get to tony who has the
9:33 am
latest. >> all right thank you very much, tucker. the centers for disease control is out with a new report saying last year alone american audiences were exposed to 17 billion instances of movie characters smoking. the cdc says these repeated scenes could be influencing young people to take up the smoking habit so they have recommendations including the? of anti-smoking ads before such movies and perhaps most controversial, an r rating for movies where characters smoke. joining us now are sheryl healton president and chief executive officer of the american legacy foundation a group founded with funds from the massive tobacco settlement and eric haspaio whose feature ghosts don't exist comes out next month on dvd. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> sheryl let me start with you. in general what are your thoughts about the cdc report and do you agree with overall what they are saying and their recommendations? >> day agree with their recommendations. it is not a form of sensorship.
9:34 am
what it is saying -- censorship. it is saying the depiction of other drugs, iv drug use or the like that pushes into the r rating or excessive profanity ought to apply to tobacco use because we now know unecompetitivecly that portraying tobacco in pg13 films and exposure of kids to it in pg, pg13 adds 10,030,000 new use smokers every year. eric your thoughts? >> i think it raises a lot of questions. i will be interested to see how studios respond when you go from pg13 to rated r rating it cuts your box office numbers. from a film maker's standpoint we think long and hard about every seen, character, dialogue, every prop. a cigarette is a prop. and it serves a purpose. we usually don't put that in to make someone look cool. if i have a coming of age story where some kids are trying out smoking and they end up vomiting, it could be a scene where it shows smoking is bad. does that get an r rating? what will the rules be? >> the motion picture association we reached out to them and although i don't think
9:35 am
they have made an official statement, the person we spoke to did point out that they do consider smoking -- when they are talking about ratings. they don't have flat-out rule at this point that all right if there is smoking in the movie it goes to r. but eric makes a good point that part of the issue in hollywood is about the money, or, you know, the whole issue is probably about the money that an r rating means fewer people see a movie. i guess in a way you wouldn't have a problem with that? >> that's one of the primary reasons we're asking for that policy because what it does is it strongly incentivizes the studio sum system to not have smoke income youth rated film. we know from research it doesn't matter who is smoking in the film, the bad guy, the star, either way it has a very strong influence. and that influence is particularly strong for minority youth and young kids whose parents don't smoke. >> what about -- i go to the movies fairly often. i see anti-smoking ads frequently before movies. the most recent movie i saw had an ad before -- right before
9:36 am
the movie, about that. and -- what about the fact that some of this they are doing already, and there has to be, you know, the parents have to play a role in terms of influencing the children. some would say, you know, the government needs to stay out of that? >> and the government really does want to stay out of it. what they want is the mpaa with its rating system to use its rating system so parents can be informed. and these anti-ads that are appearing before movies, you know, i -- i -- to be honest to say the movie studios were dragged kicking and screaming into that. we're delighted they are doing it now but years of lobbying them led to the appearance of those ads. that is one step forward but really we need the whole package of all four principles if we will take a bite out of this the number one cause of death in the united states. eric, you are a film maker and you mentioned that, you know, film makers do different things in movie force different reasons. >> right -- movies for different reasons. are there good reasons to have a character or character
9:37 am
smoking in a film and what is your reaction to hearing people say, well, we want a kind -- to kind of regulate how much of that you show. there. >> are good reasons, bad reasons. from a writers standpoint if i am thinking about how a certain scene, if it is in there for a set up or payoff, what if i have a war character who smokes and later in the movie they have to light a fuse and he's the guy with the last match or cigarette to light the fuse. there are things like that from a story standpoint. i think that teen smoking is just a form of rebellion and they will do it regardless what they see in the movies. you have so much in the video games now and tv and youtube, there is a lot of stuff that it comes down to parental guidance. the incidence of smoking in movies was higher last year than it was, say, 10 years ago. but the cdc report also said the incidence of smoking has gone down considerably since 2005. >> exactly. >> aren't they going in the right direction without these additional guidelines? >> what happened is smoking in
9:38 am
the movies soared after the master settlement agreement between the ag's -- attorneys general and the tobacco industry for five years. nen because of enormous political pressure brought by every leading public health group in the u.s. including the world health organization, the studios appear to now be responding. so there has been a 50% decline in the portrayal of smoking in youth rated films which is a great bleak through but not good enough. you still have as you opened your story with billions of impressions reaching young people improvement is defacto advertising. the history is very important for viewers to understand. smoking was paid for in tv and film historically. it was product placement. whether it is still being paid for or not is open to speculation. it is not legal under the masters settlement agreement or under fdc law for it to be paid for. but i have not seen any unequivocal proof that it hasn't. and the movie industry has been asked to certify in its films that no one is taking any money for these portrayals. so far they have taken a pass on that which i find slightly
9:39 am
odd. okay. i want to -- we have only a few seconds left. i got to get in a mention for your movie. "ghosts don't exist" stars chris cooley of the washington redskins. get a quick plug-in. >> it is a low budget horror we filmed locally. chris cooley executive produced it. locals like lindsay zarniak in it. >> and -- >> and no smoking. >> no smoking in the movie. comes out september 7 on dvd. >> thank you. we could go on and on. i have to tell you the subject sparked a lively debate in our editorial room yesterday. >> thank you. we have been talking about that massive egg recall for days but the worst may not yet be over. why some experts say we will see a lot of more people sickened before this is finished. plus, cleanup crews report oil from the busted well has become hard to find in the
9:40 am
gulf. but some scientists say they have found some. wait until you hear just how big of a plume we're talking about here. another look at today's trivia question. robert deniro sported 37 tattoos as a vengeful ex-con in the remake of the thriller "cape fear." how many were his own? 1, 2, 5, or 10? the answer coming up later. don't go anywhere. we're coming right back.
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new details this morning on that massive egg recall. the cdc says the numbers of salmonella cases linked to recalled eggs will likely grow. nearly 2,000 cases were reported between may and july. some cases that turned up after mid july haven't been reported to the government yet. "the washington post" reports that the cdc and health departments in 10 states
9:44 am
including maryland are taking a closer look at some salmonella cases. however, maryland's health department says it does not know of any cases linked to that egg recall. the u.n. held an emergency session to talk about the devastating fluids in pakistan. it has been three weeks since the deadly floods hit pakistan. millions are still in desperate need of aid. the head of the united nations is describing the disaster as a quote, slow-motion tsunami. at the u.n. meeting on pakistan, secretary of state hillary clinton made it clear the nation is not alone in this crisis. the floodwaters are still rising in two southern provinces of the nature swamping thousands of towns, and villages. in the gulf of mexico, scientists say they have located an underwater oil plume from the oil spill but they say it is invisible. a team of ocean scientists are mapping the plume. they say the oil is not degrading very fast and could
9:45 am
threaten fish and other marine police chief deep in the ocean. i expect to -- that will make it hard when it is invisible. i wonder if the dispersant chemicals made that happen? >> very interesting. >> kind of want to see it. >> you can't but it -- it is invisible. >> you want to know where it is and all that. interesting dilemma. coming up, i will answer one of your questions. today is a parenting question addressing a tough topic. the death of a pet. we're talking about it next. all right, that time of year. time for the county fairs. holly has a preview. this is what i love about county fairs. stuff like this. a preview of arlington's fair coming up next. don't go anywhere. it is 9:45.
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it is that time of the week when i get a chance to answer a question you have sent in to me. today's question is from maurice in vienna looking for
9:49 am
advice regarding his sweet little girl. he says my 4-year-old daughter's fish died. she is away for the summer. should we replace it with a similar fish. i'm not sure if she could handle it. we also want to thank maurice for providing video of his little girl. her name is veronica. look as we talk about it. >> awww! >> we have all been there, my friend. parents are often faced with the tough decision to tell the little white lie. that little lie that is not supposed to matter that much to ease the pain and maintain the sweet innocence -- look at her face. the sweet innocence that the young enjoy, or, do we take these moments to teach our kids important life lessons. we have been there at those cross roads. in this case a child almost 5, tell the truth. easier to get that other gold fish and try to pass it off as the old one but kids are so smart. you don't want to get caught in a senseless lie no matter how small it is.
9:50 am
we want our kids to be honest with us right and open. truly it could mean life or death. they need to talk to us. we need to be able to talk to them. why not start that now. i asked my oldest daughter sydney about this. she said there is never a reason to lie to your child. she is 9. i'm taking that advice, too, sydney. thank you for letting me know that. if i were in this position, maurice i would explain what happened to the fish. what happens if he was suck or his heart just stopped beating. you can feel your heart right there. your heart stops beating, tell veronica that. there could be other questions that come up like where did my fish go. does she hurt now? is there -- you know, all these other questions i know they will come because kids can have ou how you estions. answer it. i don't know if you want to introduce heaven or being in a sweet place or if the fish is with whatever church you go to or with god. i would also suggest that -- to your daughter that when she is ready if you want to, why not make a field trip out of it.
9:51 am
a special day go out to the pet store pick out another fish when they are ready to do that. make her a part of this whole process. i don't want to get too heavy here but talking about about death of a pet is a good way to get that first step into the painful time when you have to talk to the child about the death of a loved one. because that's sadly right around the corner, hopefully, years and years later, years and years, but this is a good way to start that dialogue about death. i know it is tough. good luck to you. >> wow. that is heavy. >> real heavy but it happens -- >> oh i know. >> all the time. >> i think that is very good advice. you know, i guess the only question mark i have is is she too young? >> well, but, you know, we have these kids and we know they -- there are a barrage of questions they also ask. the worst thing you want is looking at it like that's not twinkle. i don't think that is twinkle -- >> twinkle had been a little spot. >> oh, you don't remember her! why not just start a dialogue now. and i think they can handle it. when my youngest was in like a
9:52 am
3-year-old program, their hamster passed away and i said, well, what happened to -- i forget his name. it was like gore done or something vase -- gordon or something crazy and she go aways, he died. she was three. >> well, yeah -- >> right. >> so -- >> she understood it. >> all right she understood. >> very thoughtful answer. >> kids are different but good luck. i just say go ahead and tell -- okay? remember ask a question by heading to, click on the morning tab click on a link for ask alison. we will pick up two weeks from today. i have some explaining to do. i told my son that some of his pets and several relatives are on a long trip. >> don't say they ran away. that's the worst. a fish can't run. if you're looking to enjoy sunny weather this weekend, holly morris has a great place for you to go. >> she is atoms jefferson community center, at the -- thomas jefferson community
9:53 am
center in arlington county. >> good morning! >> reporter: good morning. i want to go on record as saying that i think this might be one of the best values out there. in terms of things you can do this weekend. because the arlington county fair is a free admission fair. it doesn't cost you anything to get in here. and once you get in, they have lots of other things that are also free. like the kids court where we happen to be right now where i have some wonderful artists at work. you and your child can be an artist, too, because this is their monster mural that you can come and color. stay as long as you want and it is done in the theme of their actual fair. you can see actually it is kind of a -- takes us back through our morning. start here on right we have the rain forest. remember the rain forest rescue with bixby, the lemur, julius, and allie, the burmese python. we don't want to color that one too dark because it is an albino python. we have pigs, oh yeah remember the pig races last time. there they are. with their little saddles on.
9:54 am
everyone cheering. then we come on down here and we have kids enjoying the rides and i have victoria berrera garzas and perry blackstein who are also event management support. so -- another word for intern. >> hey this is an awesome internship. >> i am having a great time here at the kids court. we have a lot of free things like the fair. you mentioned the monster mural. moon bounces, free magic shows and movies tonight and tomorrow night. >> i want to color while we talk because -- it is not every day you get to color a monster mural, right? but i want to talk more about the mural because this -- is it washable? is that right? >> yeah. just like a dry erase board. color as much as you want then wipe it all way and start fresh the next day. >> awesome. literally here ear day for people to come create and recreate, right? >> exactly. >> when you're talking about the theme for this year the
9:55 am
rain forest theme has been pretty popular, right? >> yes, its who. we have been lucky enough to have bixby's rain forest rescue. it is a free show for kids and families of all ages to and and it also turns into an exhibit after it is -- is done showing. then you were mentioning and i interrupted you, about the movies that happen at night as well. what's the lineup. >> tonight we have "twilight new moon." and then tomorrow night we have "up." >> oh! have you seen "up"? not yet. >> have you seen "up,," did you cry? >> you cried a little bit? inches cried. i cried a lot. i was weeping. are you kidding? it is great. what have you learned in your internships as far as putting the fair together. >> takes a lot more than people realize. everything from county support like water and trash removal, putting up the rides and games. food is great. there is a lot that goes into that. hopefully, we will get some in a few. >> love that. let's put our markers down and head to the area where we have
9:56 am
kids jumping around. you talked about what it takes to put this all up. what about in terms of safety. sometimes parents are concerned when they bring their kids and let them loose in something like this. >> if you're in the kids court we have the monitors, you know, that is done by the arlington county teen programming that are going to be here the whole time making sure that, you know, everyone is safe on the moon bounce. everyone is safe coloring and with the magician here, you know, we definitely encourage little kids that the parents come to the kids court and they can color, too. here is the most priceless thing about this whole thing. remember i said go on in! you can have fun. go on in, yeah, yeah, it is there just for you! okay that encapsulates the fair right there. go on in. i don't want to miss out on the fun. is our website. we have a link to the arlington county fair's website so you can find out more. it runs through sunday. since you don't have to pay anything to get in, that means you got more money to spend on your food! and the rides! and -- we got the ice cream.
9:57 am
more fox 5 morning news when we come back. stay with us. mmmm...! know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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